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Synergy Stays isn't just another property management company – we're your partners in professional property services. From eye-catching listings that capture hearts to thorough cleaning and maintenance that guarantee satisfaction, we handle every aspect of your property with finesse and care. Our dedication to quality ensures that your property remains in pristine condition, ready to welcome guests at a moment's notice.

Navigating the world of legal compliance and risk management can be daunting – but not with Synergy Stays by your side. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with ever-evolving regulations, ensuring that your property operates seamlessly within the bounds of the law. We mitigate risks proactively, safeguarding your investment and providing you with peace of mind.

In an industry where excellence is non-negotiable, Synergy Stays stands out as the embodiment of dedication, expertise, and success. Join us, and together, let's unlock the true potential of your property, exceed your expectations, and create a synergy that leads to outstanding stays and remarkable outcomes.


Harnessing our extensive experience and expertise, we offer an all-inclusive solution that ensures seamless management of your rentals, resulting in consistently glowing 5-star reviews and increased revenue in your pocket. Trust us to handle all the details, providing you with a turnkey management experience that maximizes your returns while delivering exceptional guest satisfaction.

FOUNDER | Mike Savage

Originally from southeastern Massachusetts, I moved to Charleston, SC after falling in love with the area while vacationing there. I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve my local community for 8 years as a firefighter, and am equally fortunate to have been able to leave the fire department so that I could focus on traveling and spending time with my wife, 2 children, and our sweet puggle. Having successfully owned and operated multiple short-term rental properties over the past 8 years as well, my passion for serving others, and for having a positive impact on my community, has led to the creation of the SynergyStays hospitality brand. SynergyStays is built on the premise of purposeful travel. Our properties are centered on creating an experience that benefits both the traveler AND the location - we prioritize progress for the benefit of the local communities in which we operate. Our goal is to curate a unique experience that aligns our guests' passions and curiosities with the destinations to which they are traveling. Not only do we believe this to be the right way to operate our family of short-term rentals, we recognize that it separates us from the competition, and translates to unparalleled success.

When we connect with the soul of a place, we come home with more meaningful stories. Helping others to travel with intention may require more heart, thought, and time, but we believe it gives back, twofold, what it takes.

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